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supervisory team meeting

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Tutorial notes for Kevin Logan, 11.10.12

We had a whole supervisory team meeting with Kevin starting him off on his research project together. The emphasis was on the place of his practice within his project and it became clear that it needs, to use Kevin’s words be the eye of the duck at the very outset of the work.

We debated Kevin’s position of expertise to come from within art rather than theory and that the project had to start from there. That research methodology and strategy was important but should not suffocate the project.

We also talked about the title, which is something that will evolve and change particularly in this initial period to RF3.

Thomas mentioned he wanted sentences to carry more clarity.

David wanted to be certain Kevin felt good about the research team.

The decision taken was that Kevin should start the rewriting process of the proposal into the shape of the RF3 to be handed in by the beginning of January latest in February.

To that end he will send us all a new draft by the 5th November for a tutorial with Salomé later that week. It was decided that Salomé as the DOS and Kevin would work the material into the RF3 expectations, while Thomas and David would each see him once individually in the time until RF3 hand in to debate the processes, the work, the writing, anything that seems current and important.


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